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Apple Announces iPhone, Who’s Going to Buy One?

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Computer Hardware | Posted on 09-01-2007

Today at Macworld Apple announced what has been discussed and speculated to death on every blog and major publication, their iPhone.  Ok, so let’s talk about who is going to buy one.  Honestly I’ll probably buy one for Ellen.  She has been wanting a new phone since her Motorola phone is showing wear and she still uses the iBook I bought her several years ago.  We also have Cingular and we are due an upgrade (although I don’t know what the upgrade price will be).  I am not happy about the lack of 3G.  How can you release a new phone and not have it 3G enabled.  I guess we’ll have to wait for iPhone 2.0. 

Besides my wife, who else will get one?  If you are planning on getting one add a comment.  Of course a lot of the MacFanBoys will be jumping on one no doubt.  But who else?   What about corporate America?  The Enterprises?  Will they give up their Blackberry’s?  I don’t think so.   Why not?  Well the iPhone only supports IMAP and POP email which allows you to only check personal email.  Basically the phone is going to be really good for personal use, but will not see adoption in the Enterprise.  A lot of companies don’t allow phones with cameras to be brought even into the work place so there is another reason.  Thankfully, I don’t work for one though.  Which means Palm with their Treo’s running Goodlink or the Blackberries are safe for now in corporate America.

However, if this device takes off then that creates demand.  With demand comes market share and with market share comes third party ad ons.  So if you are Blackberry or Goodlink and you read this start now developing a “plugin” or something for the iPhone to get it into the enterprise.  You’ll make millions.

Anyone else planning on buying one for the whopping $499 for the 4GB version or $599 for the 8GB version?

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I refuse to buy anything that starts with an i from Apple. The prices remain inflated thanks to everyone flocking to them like they’re crack. Fortunately this means competing phones will drop in price, so I may be able to go in for a kill.

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