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Xbox 360 IPTV Video

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in XBOX 360 | Posted on 09-01-2007

The other day I posted an article about how the Xbox 360 was one upgrade away from taking over my living room.  It looks like I get my wish!  At CES an announcement was made which will provide Xbox owners the ability to watch live TV and record live TV.  Obviously someone else agreed with my post at Microsoft and they threw this together real quick.  I’m kidding of course, but this is extremely cool.  Instead of me telling you all about it just go watch the video on http://on10.net.

Key points:

  • Available holiday 07
  • Added a new option in the media section called “Television”
  • Supports picture in picture
  • Record and pause live TV

If you are familiar with Media Center the interface is going to look very familiar.  The video is about 9 minutes, enjoy.

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