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CodeMash: Scott Guthrie Keynote on LINQ

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Asp.Net, Programming | Posted on 19-01-2007

Scott Guthrie opened up CodeMash day 2 today with the keynote this morning and covered LINQ (Language Integrated Query).   I first saw LINQ over a year ago and it is just as exciting today to see it again as it was then.


I’m sitting at a table with some of my fellow team members and other conference attendees.  Most of them haven’t seen a LINQ demo and it was interesting to watch their reactions to LINQ for the first time.  As Scott showed different examples you could tell he had their attention as their heads turned around to each other nodding with approval.  Since we only had an hour the time went by fast and I was left wanting more LINQ goodness.  If you haven’t seen LINQ in action, check out this screen shot.


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