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Saturday LAN Party

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 21-01-2007

 Saturday AtomicInternet (Brad Lloyd) hosted a PC LAN party in his basement in Farmington Hills, MI.  Since I was in Livonia after attending the CodeMash conference I was able to make the four mile trip from the hotel to his home.

Saturday morning I caught up on work email and then about 2:00 headed over.  When I got there, Chris Lacross, a good friend from Ann Arbor who used to play with us when I lived in Ann Arbor, had gotten the computers we were going to play setup.  It just so happened I got there just in time 🙂  Ron was already setup along with Risner.  Later The Kelley’s blessed up with their presence along with Duane and Dan Davidson.   Keith Weinbaum showed up amazingly early along with Scott Huggins.  Needless to say we had a packed basement. 

I was personally looking forward to playing Battlefield 2142, but due to technical difficulties we couldn’t play.  What little I did play, I can see why everyone gets hooked on it.  We did play Far Cray, Unreal Tournament 2004, some Quake 3, Fear, and at the end some of them were playing Starcraft.

It is funny how most of the games we play have a lot of the same themes.  Most of them are built around team play where you play different characters like an engineer, sniper, soldier and then your goal as a team is to either protect your base or capture the other team’s base.  Either way most all of these are based on what we knew as team fortress years ago.  If I have to choose, I like to play the engineer role or the sniper role. 

You can view pictures that I posted up on Flickr here:  Saturday LAN Party Pictures

Brad also put together a time elapsed video with his Gnome Cam which takes pictures one every five minutes. He posted it to Google Video.  I included it below.

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Great video, it was funny with the beeps apposed to the real thing. It was a real Jan Lan with both Keith’s attending!

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