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Video of CodeMash Organizers Shaving Their Heads

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 22-01-2007

Josh Holmes, Microsoft Architect Evangelist, and Brian Prince, MVP Architect, shaved their heads at the end of the CodeMash Conference in front of the attendees.  Both Josh and Brian were organizers of the CodeMash Conference and they vowed if there were over 500 blog posts tagged by Technorati with the word “CodeMash” they would shave their heads.  Actually that was Josh’s deal with the attendees.  Brian later through his hat in the ring and said his shaving point was 600 blog entries.

It got to the end of the conference and Technorati was down.  We were trying to search but the site was timing out.  By the way, the number one search on Technorati was CodeMash.  We resorted to Google BlogSearch but Technorati earlier was showing more entries.  In the spirit of things they agreed to shave their heads anyway with the challenge to the attendees they would go blog about the conference.  I just ran a search on Technorati and the total is 438.  Still a few shy, but maybe this video will help push it over the top of the desired posts. 

In the video Josh shaves Brian’s head, and Jeniffer Marsman, Microsoft Developer Evangelist, shaves Josh’s head.  The comments from the crowd are hilarious.  Hope you enjoy.

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Jennifer Marsman: geek, developer evangelist and blogger

Awesome video, Alexey Gorovorin has his video posted on YouTube (http://govorin.blogspot.com/2007/01/josh-and-brian-get-codemash-style.html). I think it was a great way for them to show their commitment to the event and the community. I mean Brian put his life on the line (I have a wife, I know). Still, they’ll never live it down.

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