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Can Code Cure Cancer?

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 01-02-2007

The answer is I don’t know but to be honest I wish it could.  Especially several years ago when my father at the age of 51 was diagnosed with Cancer.  Less than six months after getting diagnosed he passed away.  This is the time of life I refer to as the glory years.  The time when you really get to enjoy your family, see your kids grow up and succeed.  Not to mention see grand kids.  Sadly this was robbed from my family and my father because of Cancer.  Am I bitter, YES! 

That’s why this article intrigued me today which was posted on Stephen Forte’s blog.  

Do you believe that software can change the world? How about the opportunity to work on an application that promises to help accelerate a cure for cancer?

It is intriguing because one, the promises of curing cancer.   That would be a HUGE win for society.  So big in fact, I don’t even have to explain why, we all already know.  The other intriguing part of the story is the developers chosen can work from home on a paid position.  Definitely a diversion from the norm of hiring practices.

So the bottom line is this.  If you are in a position to help by contributing your time and code to rid the world of cancer, then send in your resume and join in.  I already work at home for a great company (who is also hiring by the way) so I’m out.  But those of you that can should so the world can be a better place.

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