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.Net Engineer Openings – Those Who Have Passion Need Apply

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Asp.Net, Smart Clients | Posted on 20-02-2007

If you’ve been waiting for the right job to come along, specifically a job opening at one of the top companies in the country, your wait is officially over.   If you are passionate about programming and designing large scale Enterprise systems where you get to have a direct impact on the business, we need you!

We have several .Net Engineer openings available at my current employer Quicken Loans.  You can’t be considered if you don’t apply and you won’t get preferential treatment with your resume if you don’t contact me directly!

We have openings in several different areas and need people who have skills in all sorts of areas including Asp.Net, Smart Clients and back-end people with certain talents ( Biztalk, Workflow, WCF, etc).  The great thing about these positions is you will become part of a team who loves to automate business practices, embrace industry standards, embrace change and adopt early.  You’ll be given all the tools you need to succeed as well as a culture that is unlike any you’ve probably seen. 

If you would like my email address run this code in a console application, or guess the output. 

using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Text;


namespace ConsoleApplication1


    class Program


        static void Main(string[] args)


            Email myEmailAddress = new Email();

            myEmailAddress.Prefix = “keith”;

            myEmailAddress.Connector = “@”;

            myEmailAddress.Domain = “keithelder.net”;






    class Email


        private string prefix;


        public string Prefix


            get { return prefix; }

            set { prefix = value; }



        private string connector;


        public string Connector


            get { return connector; }

            set { connector = value; }



        private string domain;


        public string Domain


            get { return domain; }

            set { domain = value; }



        public override string ToString()


            StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(3);




            return sb.ToString();






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Are you kidding me? I ate some bad mexican last weekend and sprayed this on the bowl without even thinking about it.

Possibly the most complicated anti-spam email display I’ve ever seen.

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