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Speaking Engagements For April – May 2007

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Speaking | Posted on 28-03-2007

For the next several weeks or month I’ve got several events lined up I’ll be speaking at in different parts of the country.  If you are in these areas I hope you can stop in and say hi.

Where:  http://www.alabamacodecamp.com  (Alabama Code Camp)
When: April 14th, 2007
City:  Mobile, AL

Last year we held the Alabama Code Camp in the fall in Montgomery, AL.  On April 14th in Mobile, AL we’re having another CodeCamp.  This CodeCamp is being put on by the Lower Alabama .Net User Group.  Doug and Matthew of the LANUG are doing a great job pulling this camp together.  I’ll be speaking on two topics:  Structure and Guidance for Organizing Applications within Visual Studio and Windows Workflow Foundation.  Other speakers that are going to be there include Jim Barstow, Barry Ralston, Doug Turnure, Joe Healy, Wally McClure, Jim Wooley, Jeff Barnes, Joe Fuentes, Tony Lombardo, Kevin Boles, Robert Cain, Bruce Thomas, Todd Miranda and Brian Hitney.  That’s a heck of a line up!   If you are in the Mobile area come on out.

Day of .Net May 5, 2007 - I'll be there!

Where:  http://www.dayofdotnet.org  (Day of .Net)
When:  May 5th, 2007
City:  Ann Arbor, MI
Location:  Washtenaw Community College

You read that correctly, I’ll be back in Ann Arbor, MI on May 5th.  This is going to be a great home coming event since I lived in Ann Arbor, MI for eight years and also taught at Washtenaw Community College for several years while I lived in Ann Arbor.  Since Ann Arbor, MI is only 20 miles from our company head quarters in Livonia, MI I was able to work it out based on my onsite schedule.  This is going to be another great event with speakers like James Bender, Patrick Steele, Brian Sherwin, Martin Shoemaker, Drew Robbins, Steve Mushkat, Darrell Hawley, Brian Prince, Nino Benvenuti, Josh Holmes, Mark Miller, Dustin Campbell, Jeff Blankenburg, Aydin Akcasu, Chris Woodruff, Justin Kohnen, Dan Hibbitts and Joe Wirtley.  Whew that’s a mouthful!

It is going to be great to be back in Ann Arbor and I look forward to seeing the faculty along with some past students at the event!


Where: http://www.aadnd.org (Ann Arbor Dot Net Developers User Group)
When:  May 9th, 2007
City:  Ann Arbor, MI
Location:  Ann Arbor IT Zone

I’ve spoken at the IT Zone on several occasions but this is going to be the first time I’ll be speaking at the IT Zone on .Net.  Thanks to Darrel Hawley for not giving up on me.   I had to cancel on Darrel twice this year already because of a conflict with another conference (CodeMash) and then the MVP Summit so I appreciate Darrel not giving up on me and sending a hitman to Mississippi to slash my tires or something. 

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The hitman is on hold until May 10th 🙂

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