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WPF/E Is Now Silverlight

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 16-04-2007

Mix 07 is getting ready to heat up in a few weeks and there have been rumors floating around about Mix 07.  Mainly that it is going to shock a lot of people with some of the cross platform announcements coming out of it (OS X users pay attention). 

It seems today we get our first official taste in preparation for Mix 07 and that is WPF/E is now known as Silverlight.  The name doesn’t make me jump up and down but like Shawn said, it beats something like “Microsoft Enterprise Web Visualization Media Platform 2007” or something like that.  

Since I am a Smart Client guy I tell people all the time the web is dead to me but I do find a rekindled interest in the web with Silverlight.  People are going to make some amazing stuff with this technology.

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