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What would my product be called? Microsoft Elder?

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 18-04-2007

I posted the other day about WPF/E being renamed to Silverlight.  As I was writing the post, I thought to myself, hey I know a guy named David Silverlight that I met at the MVP Summit this year.  We chatted over a glass of Guinness, exchanged cards, then later emails.  I thought about David immediately when I heard they renamed WPF/E.   I didn’t give it any further thought though.  Nah, they wouldn’t name a product after him.

Turns out WPF/E was in fact named after David!  Holy cow, he had a product named after him.  David has a post on his blog  where he talked about how the name came about when he met Bill Gates (very cool) at his house (strong!).    Wally sheds some insight on why David couldn’t tell him why he was in Redmond for four extra days too.

I have a new goal in life and that is to see a product named after me.  Maybe instead of Smart Clients we can start calling them Smart Elders or Elder Clients.  Just doesn’t have quiet the ring to it.  The name Elder doesn’t have as good of a ring as Silverlight so they would probably just ask me to name the product.  I’ll get right on that because I know my phone is about to ring.

David, let me just say congratulations, it is a heck of an honor and now I can stop making fun of Microsoft as to why they came up with the name, it is officially cool now.  Congrats!

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Wow, the last two days has been quite a bit of fun. Hey, these things don’t happen every day. Who would

The real question is, what does your name acronym to. That will answer your question.

Of course, I could never get my name on a product… I’m sure that Miguel Castro (and other Spanish-speaking members of the comminity) snickers to himself whenever he reads my last name… 😉

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