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Enterprise Library 3.0 – Feedback from the trenches

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in .Net | Posted on 19-04-2007

One of the engineers that works on the same team I work on blogged about his trials and tribulations of using Enterprise Library 3.0 with Environmental Overrides.  Last week I checked in Enterprise Library 3.0 into team foundation server and he got assigned the task of re-configuring all of our config files to use the new feature of environmental overrides.  Currently we have test, beta and prod environments for our main application so this was something we thought we could immediately benefit from. 

His review it turns out is less than shiny based on how environmental overrides were done in EntLib 3.0 which I found somewhat surprising.  When he called me over the weekend complaining about how stupid he thought the implementation of it was the first words out of my mouth were, I can’t wait to read the blog article.

He got it posted this morning, you can read it here.  Anyone else agree with Morlock or have a different opinion?

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