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WPF/E, SilverLight and Windows Mobile, Yes I Was Right!

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in .Net, Mobile Devices | Posted on 09-05-2007

Don’t you love it when you predict or speculate on something in technology and it comes true?

Before Mix 07 Scott Hanselman and Carl Franklin on Hanselminutes did a show about Silverlight.  During the podcast they mention my blog post whereby I speculated how Microsoft could get WPF/E running on a Windows Mobile device.  Turns out, I was right!.  Here is a little back story for those coming into the game a little late.

Early in January ScottGu and Rory did I a Channel9 video about different things.  After watching it I started putting two and two together and predicted that Microsoft had already solved how they were going to compete with the Apple iPhone and what they were planning.   A few weeks later I was at Codemash and was in an invitation only lunch with ScottGu, other MVPs as well as several Microsoft Developer Evangelist.  Off the record one of the DE’s said my blog post was spreading throughout Microsoft and even ScottGu read the article.  All they could say was it was a “great” idea.  Obviously I was onto something. 

Fast forward a day or so later I got word that I was officially on the right path. 

At Mix 07 Silverlight was officially announced / released and the very early prototype of Compact Silverlight was shown at Mix 07.   Yep, there you go, I was right!  If you want to see it in action download this video  and fast forward to around the 14 minute mark for the Windows Mobile version.  Also check out Rob’s blog post about the Compact Silverlight Framework

Obviously this opens up a whole new realm of possibilities on the mobile platform.  Just think what Windows Mobile 7 will bring to the table.  It could be earth shattering UI on a mobile device that will finally bring a true user experience to the mobile platform.  I’m in! 

Thank you for those who believed in my previous speculation, I’ll be here all week.  Tips your waitresses.


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TO Vijesh Purbia:
I want that too, but Silverlight for mobile is not yet availaible

If any body knows how to use compact silverlight framework in .Net compact framework 3.5 ie. smart device applications.
Please help me out with that

hope MIX 08 comes up with what we are hoping to…waiting…..

btw thanks for ur reply


Right now we don’t know what the compact silverlight framework will do. Mix 07 just showed us a here’s where they are going path, nothing official has come out yet so to say it lacks important features of WPF is even speculation because one big factor is at play here:

1. A lot of work is still going into Silverlight to make the stack compatible with the web side of the house and winforms.

Because of this, we don’t know anything yet because Silerlight is still a moving target until it RTMs. Just hang in there, it’ll come.

hi elder,

i have read this article more than 20 times and every time i get more excited, but something worries me…
as you gave us an example for wpf in yahoo messenger,but the one available for windows mobile is wpf/e (silverlight) which lacks some of the important features of wpf…so do u think we gonna have something which will be earth shuttering … i think microsoft must do something unique for windows mobile to compete with iphone and the new comer android …

Will they call it Windows Mobile Elder?

So, umm.. Got any tips on horse races or lottery numbers?

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