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Second Place on Community-Credit for May 2007 (so far)

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 12-05-2007

Jeff Barnes posted an blog entry at the beginning of May whereby he was in the top 11 on http://www.Community-Credit.Com for April.   I met the sites creator, David Silverlight, at the MVP Summit in Seattle during March and I of course promised him I would sign-up as well.  Well David, after Jeff won an incredibly cool t-shirt it reminded me of my promise and to sign up as well.

After my initial May points got approved I am currently second on the site.  And yes Andre (the current leader), I’m gunning for first so watch out!

To save you the trouble of visiting the site (not that you shouldn’t) I captured a screen shot for posterity sakes in case my ranking gets bested.  Of course going off past results the odds are in favor of my second ranking falling since last month’s winner had 68,575 points. 

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