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Twitter AIM Bot Hates Me

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 21-05-2007

A few days ago I posted about registering on the Twitter web site.  Since then I’ve been sending updates from my Cingular 8525 mobile phone.  Pretty easy to do when on the road.  But now, I’m back at my desk in the office and I want to Twitter from instant message but can’t because Twitter AIM bot hates me.  

When you visit the Twitter site and click on settings they give you the Twitter IM account for AIM and then a random generated string which you send to this “bot” listening on the other end.  Once you send the secret message it verifies you are you and then of course activates AIM msgs from your user account so you can “twitter” to the AIM bot.   

Like I said the Twitter bot hates me because for the past several days I’ve been getting this error message:

Today I broke down and sent a message to Twitter.com’s technical support.  Hopefully they will respond with a sense of urgency so the world….. dare I say universe can keep up with my twittering.  I am certain they will see the world is losing valuable information by me not being able to Twitter via AIM and respond soon with the fix.

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According to twitter, AIM is constantly having problems, so they’ve put the project on the back burner for the time being.

Instead, they recommend you just gtalk. Which is fine, and it works great. I use Trillian Astra, and for some reason the Twitter Gtalk screen name doesn’t appear online though! ARGH! I wish they would fix AIM. It’s the fastest way for me to update my twitter status. 🙁

There’s something seriously wrong with the AIM bot. It worked for me only once. Today, it stopped again. AIM is not even there anymore, it looks like they removed it from the possible choices.

Haven’t heard anything back. Could it just hate everyone?

So did you ever get an answer? I think the AIM bot hates me too.

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