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Your Final Todos Before Tech Ed 2007

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in General | Posted on 29-05-2007

TechEd 2007 - I'll Be There!TechEd 2007 - I'll Be There!Tech Ed 2007 is almost upon us folks.  In 1.5 days I’ll be jumping a flight from Jackson, MS to Orlando, FL.  We’ll arrive on Thursday about 2:00 and then head to the hotel.   If you are staying in the same hotel let me know!  My wife is going with me.  It is her *first* conference trip although she did go to the Mobile Code Camp.  Thursday until Sunday evening is just relaxing fun time for us.  After that all Tech Ed!

If you are going to Tech Ed, be sure to follow my TIPS ON ATTENDING CONFERENCES before you go.  Be sure you get things ready to go (business cards, fake phone numbers, directions).  I’ll of course be at the Party with Palermo on Sunday night and still have to print my business cards and get other things ready to go. 

If you prepare accordingly, who knows, you may get as lucky as I did last year

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Hey, thanks for blogging it, and I’ll see you there!!

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