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Start of TechEd Day 5 I Can’t Walk

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 08-06-2007

It is the start of our last day of TechEd 2007 and I’ve had a rough morning getting to the convention center.  I seriously can barely walk.  With 4 days of continuously standing in lines at Disney World before TechEd and then walking miles a day at TechEd I’m immobile.  Before you start thinking I’m some kind of wuss just know that I’ve had feet problems for years.  I think I am at the point that I am going to have to seriously have a podiatrist look into it.  The bones on the back of my heels hurt with every step.  Literally I’m hobbling around trying to get to sessions.  I’m sitting in the “Creating and Delivering Rich Media and Video on with Web with Silverlight, Expression Studio, and Windows Server 2008” and I chose it not only for the topic but because it was the nearest session from the bus drop off.

To limit my walking today all the sessions I attend with be on the South side or in the expo in the blue rooms.  Note to self, by a Segway

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Brad I did and I’ve been linking to your Acropolis posts this week, check some of the earlier TechEd posts.

Well, given the criteria for choosing your first session today I hope you had a good time in my talk! 😉

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