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Resharper Breaks Intellisense After Uninstall

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in .Net | Posted on 09-06-2007

A few weeks ago I installed Resharper trial to give it a try.   During this time I was doing some development on a brand new project so I figured it would be a good test to see how it works  / performs.   It wasn’t long until I noticed some serious performance drops in Visual Studio so I turned on the Resharper feature which keeps tabs on the memory it is using in the status bar.  My small solution with a few projects was eating up about 120MB! 

This week at TechEd I won a copy of CodeRush and Refactor! from http://www.devexpress.com.  I know Dustin Campbell and Mark Miller who both work at developer express and I’ve seen them both do several demos on their product.  I was a fan but knowing they sponsor a lot of CodeCamps and other events like TechEd I knew I would eventually run into a copy.   Once I got the license I uninstalled Resharper and then installed CodeRush.  Played with it some and immediately noticed that intellisense wasn’t working anymore.  Of course I blamed CodeRush and went to their support site only to find a link to the Resharper site.   Apparently when uninstalling Resharper it disables intellisense so you have to re-enable it.  To do this open up the tools menu then Text Editor and then C#.  Under there you will need to recheck “Auto list members” and “Parameter information” to get intellisense enabled as shown below. 


Hopefully this will help others that run into the same problem.  So far I’ve only coded a little in VS2005 with CodeRush and Refactor! installed but so far it works as described.

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personally i would not spent that amount of money on resharper. so by end of the trial period, i have to uninstall it. and it took my default intellisense away! are they doing it intentionly?!!!

I also ran into this problem but I was not able enable intellisense for razor. Anybody know how to that?

thank you sir

4.5 years later and still getting bit by this behavior….

I’ve been victim of this as well. Twice (!). Thank you for putting this together.

You saved me!… resharped is cool but boy its a PIGGG

Thanks Keith! Saved me endless headaches here!

Yay, intellisense is back!

Thank you thank you thank you! 🙂

“Why you would uninstall ReSharper is beyond me.”

It’s a huge resource hog. I mean HUGE. Hit Ctrl-Shift-B and then go to lunch.

Thanks. I got here by searching for resharper BREAKS intellisense. It broke my instellisense the day it expired, before I uninstalled the product. I suppose if i had purchased the product then it would have fixed what it broke.

Thank You, I’m using VS2008 and i had the same problem after uninstalling resharper. Couldn’t find it but this article helps me to correct the problem.

Thnx a lot!!

agree with everyone except D.J. Performance is paifully slow. With VS2008, there is no need for resharper.


Definitely helped. I would have called breaks as well, I think it disables just to force the reinstallation of their tool.

I concur: painfully slow. My trial period just ended today and I now realize how spoiled I’ve been. It’s a great tool but it became slow where I didn’t need it to operate; In the ASPX page. I’d say that’s a good enough reason to uninstall. Tell you what though, my code never looked as clean before ReSharper.

It helps me a lot 🙂
thank u very much.

“Why you would uninstall ReSharper is beyond me.”

I can give you a hint… I uninstalled it because it was painfully slow. PAINFULLY slow.

Thanks man, just had the exact same problem

Thank you for posting this, the same thing happened to me – I was going crazy looking for that option. Why there is nothing in that section that says “Intellisense” is beyond me.


“Why you would uninstall ReSharper is beyond me.”

And you just called someone else a fanboy. What a raging idiot you must be.

Thanks a bunch Keith! As mentioned by someone else, I liked the features ReSharper brought to the table, but man did it kill performance. Once I disabled it in the Addin Manager I found my intellisense was no longer working. Not sure why they’d uncheck these boxes, but thanks for setting my world right again 🙂

Thank you!

I’ve installed ReSharper and after uninstalling the IntelliSense quit working; I’ve looked through the settings but didn’t catch that option. I haven’t noticed a big performance penalty, but all the UI bells and whistles we distracting me from the actual code.


“”Breaks” sounds kinda hard and fan-boyish — it simply “unchecks” the box for Microsoft’s limited intellisense — so you’ll have to re-check the box.”

Wrong! This IS a resharper bug. Broken is the right word. The uninstall should reset any explicit changes it made to my environment.

Thanks Keith,
Your tips helped me! I was scratching my head for some time before I found this link. I have to say I love a lot of features that ReSharper present, but I had the same performance issues as you did. It’s even worse when programming on a laptop, just launch VS takes forever.
I also believe that a professionally designed software should restore the system to its original state after uninstall, but the way some people think “who cares if you uninstalled my product” is beyond me.

Sweet, thanks for the excellent tip. One thing is for sure is that we cant live without intellisense… mays well just open up Notepad in that case 😉

When something works by default and then stops working based on another action I consider that to be broken. Why Resharper would disable default intellisense after being uninstalled is beyond me.

I uninstalled it because A) I don’t have a license B) I found the product to be slow and eat up a lot of memory as previously stated.

“Breaks” sounds kinda hard and fan-boyish — it simply “unchecks” the box for Microsoft’s limited intellisense — so you’ll have to re-check the box. Why you would uninstall ReSharper is beyond me.

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