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Stump Burning

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in General | Posted on 15-08-2007

The other night I came in and decided I was going to burn the stumps in my yard.  I am sick of looking at them and mowing around them.  My John Deere lawn mower hates driving in circles, as does his rider.  Officially, I have waged war with stumps in my yard.  I grabbed a can of gasoline and soaked them down.  Took a match, lit it from about 10 feet back and threw it toward the stump.  POOOOOOOOF!   Instant stump burning.  Here are some pictures of my stump burning escapades.


This tree was killed by the hurricane.  I had to finish cutting it down about a month ago.  May it rest in peace.  Once this stump burns out, this area will become my new pit.  I’m taking some red blocks and building a wall around this area and adding a man made grill.  Instant BBQ pit.  Great for cooking dogs and burgers.  Who needs charcoal!  


Smaller stump.  It didn’t have a chance but has proven to be a worthy adversary.  Turns out there is a very large hole under this stump.  I have yet to touch bottom on it. 


The largest of all the stumps.  About a three feet in diameter pine tree stump.  It was also a victim of the hurricane.



image Once all said stumps have burned I will be taking my tiller and tilling the ground, leveling it, then placing some centipede sod over the top of it.  When all said and done, you’ll never have known a tree once lived there.

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I’m in the process of burning stumps.Thanks for the mature answers.

Used motor oil works even better. Drill a hole about 1 foot into the stump (1″ wide) and pour used motor oil in it. Allow to soak in and continue until you’ve used about a gallon. Allow to soak in for an hour and then light. The only bad thing about stump burning is the huge hole they leave behind once they “settle”…but if you have some fill dirt it’s no big deal. Hope this helps. Enjoy.

I am currently using kingsford charcoal $6.00

Personally I pile ALOT of pine needles around my stumps and burn them overnight. It’s slow but effective.

I thought hillbillys pulled stumps with their trucks. I’ve learned something new today.

My word, you’re the most hillbilly hillbilly to ever hillbilly.

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