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Personal Logo, Do You Have One?

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in General | Posted on 21-08-2007

I was filling out a document during lunch today for a speaking engagement.  There were the typical questions on the form:  name, email, phone, bio, session abstract and personal photo.   Nothing major, I have all that easily available.  The next question it asked for was a personal logo.  I scratched my head, personal logo.  Hmmm, I don’t have one.  A quick search revealed this link about them but this is the first I’ve heard of one.  Am I officially un-cool now?  How many geek points does this cost me because I don’t have a personal logo?  Not wanting to lose my geek points I quickly went back into the archives.  I mean way back to the “ZorKa” archives. 

For those that have only known me recently, I used to have a blog that was called “ZorKa”.  For those that would like more clarification as to what ZorKa stands for read this and to get the full history read this.  ZorKa was an alias I used throughout the Internet.  I still have friends in certain circles that call me ZorKa and some newer friends that mix with the old friends have no idea why they call me that.  The reason I stopped using ZorKa and created this blog branded with my personal name awhile back is because ZorKa is actually my web hosting company that I’ve owned since 1997.  I needed to separate the company from the personality.  I sleep better at night now knowing I have a true separation.

I tell you this because it does tie into the personal logo quandary I’m in.  In the mid 90’s I created what I guess I would call a “personal logo” for ZorKa using The Gimp (open source Photoshop for those that don’t know).  After much digging around I finally found it on my server.   It is truly a work of art (cough cough) and is the ONLY image I’ve ever drawn from scratch by hand with a computer program.  For now, this will have to do to fill the void for my personal logo.  Geek points are now restored.

The only problem is when I shrunk it down to the 32×32 required size, it looks like crap.  Thus, I’m posting it here so everyone can enjoy it to its fullest.  Drum roll…….. I give you the all mighty ZORKA!


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