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Tracking with Twitter

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Howtos, Internet | Posted on 04-10-2007

After several months of using Twitter, I’m still twittering.  I guess because other friends are as well.  As soon as I forget about Twitter I get a text message from someone reminding me haha.  For those that are new to Twitter here are some commands you can do on Twitter if you have setup IM or your mobile phone.

track iphone

Send this via your phone or IM client and anyone who updates in public mentions “iphone” you’ll get it on your device in real-time.  From there you can send “whois username” to find out more about that person, or “follow username” to follow his or her updates.

untrack iphone

This will toggle your tracking on obviously.

You are allowed to create as many tracks as you want but if you want to get a list of what you’re currently tracking send:


or you can send


To turn them all off send:

track off

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