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Back From Alabama Code Camp

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Presentations, Speaking | Posted on 08-10-2007

Alabama Code Camp Birgmingham Oct 2007 029Alabama Code Camp was in Birmingham, AL this weekend.  Friday we kicked it off with a speakers dinner  where we had some outstanding tex-mex food.  And then after the event, the speakers and the code campers went out to Buffalo Wild Wings as seen in this pic. 

It was good to see fellow MVPs, Todd Miranda, Jeff Barnes, Jim Wooley and a I met a new MVP which leaves in Tupelo, MS, Mickey Gousset.   Finally I get to meet someone else from Mississippi!  It was also good to see Doug Turnure, the DE for this area.

I spoke on three topics, Structure and Guidance for Organizing Solutions in Visual Studio, Custom Workflow Activities, and What’s new in Visual Studio 2008.  Out of the three, the one that received the most praise was the structuring solutions in Visual Studio.  It really is a fun topic to speak on and something that no one else is covering.  What makes the topic so much fun is it truly helps people and answers a lot of the tough questions for everyone.

I have two of the three topics available for download on my presentations page.  I will be posting the what’s new in Visual Studio 2008 there as well, but after DevLink next week.

View the pictures from the code camp here:


See everyone next time!

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spaces.live.com – great photo posting place?

Nice pics of Code Camp…. thanks for supporting it, Keith. I’ve heard a ton of positive comments about your sessions. Thanks for making the drive over.

Hey Dan, Yeah I’m not speaking at Day of .Net in Ann Arbor. My traveling plans didn’t work out to where I could go up. I chose to go up sooner and go fishing 🙂

I will be doing CodeMash though and will be submitting some topics soon.

Looks like the answer to Day of .NET Ann Arbor is No. I was just looking at the session list and I saw nothing.

Keith, are you speaking at Day of .NET in Ann Arbor this month? Or how about CodeMash in January? Plan on giving that presentation at either? 🙂

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