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XFree 4.0 and the Great Battle

For the past few weeks I have been trying to get my VooDoo 3 working again in Linux. I hate having anything (especially hardware) that doesn’t work. 3DFX has released an XFree 4.0 server along with new modules and Glide. After converting the RPM’s listed on their site over to deb packages...

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Google Gmail == Lotus 123, NewSDK == Windows and Apple is Evil?

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Internet | Posted on 09-10-2007

I’m not a link blogger and don’t plan on becoming one so don’t expect too many of these type of posts but JoelOnSoftware has a really good article about why he thinks Gmail is Lotus 123 and this new up and coming SDK is Windows.  For those of us that like speculation, what ifs, and some history mixed in this is a must read for you.   Check out the post here:


BTW the up and coming SDK doesn’t exist, he’s just speculating but interesting thoughts nonetheless.

For those of you that purchased an iPhone and put the unlock software on it only to have your $600 iPhone bricked check out ArcaneCode’s entry about is Apple the new evil empire?