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Comcast High Speed Internet Speed Restored

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Internet | Posted on 23-10-2007

They say it isn’t what you know, but who you know. I have a buddy that works for Comcast, Gary.  For those that have been paying attention, Gary is the same buddy that happened to have a new HDDVR on his truck and who helped end my three weeks of waiting for an HDDVR from Comcast.  It pays to know people (words of wisdom to live by).

The last few times I’ve needed something I’ve had the pleasure of by passing the Comcast support center and have gone directly to a Comcast technician, Gary.  He gets free beer, and I get my cable issues resolved.  It is a relationship that works. 🙂  I saw him the other day in passing at the store and told him that a guy came out back in the summer and installed an amp in the attic and he went, “Huh?”. 

Apparently the last guy that was here didn’t do things correctly because Gary is walking around the house going, “What the heck” and “Why’d he do that?!”.  Gary re-wired things up in the attic and removed the amp.  I think we are good.  I can certainly tell my speed is faster, definitely my upload speed has improved as well as the download speed.  This is good since I am on the company VPN all day everyday.  Here’s my latest speed test results.


Now back to work!  Thanks Gary!

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