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LiveBooks Tells Customers to Not Upgrade Mac OS X Leopard

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Apple | Posted on 31-10-2007

I just bumped into a LiveBooks support letter that tells their customers to not upgrade to Mac OS X Leopard.  Is it Apple FUD?  I don’t know, but it is there for all to read and form your own opinion.  What is Apple’s market share now?  5-6% market share?  We see these same type of articles when Microsoft releases a new operating system telling or discouraging users to wait for the first service pack.  Heck I’ve known people that won’t even touch a 1.0 version of a Microsoft product.   It seems the same type of things are now being said on the Apple side of the fence now.  This is the first time I’ve really seen a lot of noise around an Apple OS release.  Usually when a new version of Windows is released the first thing everyone has is driver problems.  I haven’t seen much noise around that from the Apple camp, mostly around incompatibilities or Apple leaving software out the community wanted.

Another thing that is coming full circle are blue screens of death.  Apparently third party software is to blame although the vendor denies it (Apples escape goat?)  To Apple all I can say is welcome to what Microsoft has had to deal with for years and it will only get worse as time goes on and market share grows.  Then again Apple doesn’t really embrace developers and has no presence in the enterprise so maybe they won’t have that problem since there are less third party products to install. 

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