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Internet Explorer Visual C++ Runtime Error

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Windows | Posted on 01-11-2007

This just started happening to me yesterday after I rebooted this week. 


No matter what I tried I kept getting “This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.  Please contact the application’s support team for more information”.

I did some searches and it was mentioned to uninstall the Google Toolbar.  I never installed it so I looked around for additional add on applications I may have installed and decided to uninstall Google Gears but that didn’t do any good as I suspected.

Later in the evening I happened to close Live Messenger and Live Communicator and all the applications running in my system tray (AIM, etc) so I could create a recording.  After I shut those applications down the problem went away.  I *think* it may have been Live Messenger Beta or AIM that caused the problem.  Regardless which one cause the problem I thought I would post about it in case someone else ran into the same problem. 

By the way, even though I restarted those applications and have not rebooted, the problem hasn’t come back.  Very weird.

UPDATE:  Feb 18th

I ran into this problem again and my latest fix to solve this problem was go to Tools->Options->Advanced and click the “Reset” button at the bottom of the form.  So far so good.

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I had the same problem. Nothing was working.

In my case was a virus by SearchQU tool bar. Unless uninstall it.

A file was corrupted by this program.

I had to use VIRIT antivirus. Fixed!!

I had the same the problem, it went away after uninstalling SweetIM app.

 tq for info, its sloved my problem.

it doesnt work after i reset

I’m getting this error when I try to open and run Corel PaintShop Pro. I have even tried formating the computer because DELL said it was the only way to fix it and they were able to intall the program and it did run and then the computer did a update and the Visual C++ was one of the updates and since then it will not open. Any thoughts on how to get this program to run? Thanks

Hello, i get this error too. Mine is just Sony Vegas not Internet Explorer. And im getting tired of it. So how can i fix this with vista?

Hi Thanks I Had The Same Problem But It Wasnt Aim Or Anything That Was Stopping It You Just Have To Reset It.

If the problem is caused by damaged or incompatible Internet Explorer settings or add-ons, you can usually resolve the problem by resetting Internet Explorer settings.

To use the Reset Internet Explorer Settings feature from Control Panel, follow these steps:

1. Exit all programs, including Internet Explorer (if it is running).
2. If you use Windows XP, click Start, and then click Run. Type the following command in the Open box, and then press ENTER:
If you use Windows Vista, click Start
Collapse this imageExpand this image
Start button
. Then type the following command in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER:
The Internet Options dialog box appears.
3. Click the Advanced tab.
4. Under Reset Internet Explorer settings, click Reset. Then click Reset again.
5. When Internet Explorer finishes resetting the settings, click Close in the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box.
6. Start Internet Explorer again. If you still cannot start Internet Explorer, go to the “Next Steps” section.

Thanks dave……

Thanks Dave, disabling the BHO’s did the trick! The problem was driving me crazy. The “culprit” in my case was associated with Norton Antivirus 2008…..T

thanks this is great thanks again

I’ve had a similar issue that took me several days of trying install/reinstalls/new dowloads etc. Nothing seemed to work. I found an esoteric comment in an old Dell Forum (computer w/problem) and was able to “ferret” out the solution. I offer it as an option:

a) Boot your computer into Safe Mode w/Networking.
b) You may now be able to open Internet Explorer (I could not, that was my problem).
c) Go to Tools – Manage AddOns and literally disable all the BHO’s (Browswer Helper Objects) each one has to disabled individually.
d) At this point ReBoot and try IE6/7/8 to see if that fixed the problem, you can then open 2 IE (6 at least) instances and add each BHO back in until you find the “culprit”. Sometimes its Google Toolbar; sometimes something else – my client’s was SweetIM’s (bad – also can/is seen as a Trojan)

Good Luck, it seems that this is one of those faults that re-occurs, but the data is pretty weak on how to repair.


Reset all the bullshit tru RESTORE ADVANCED SETTINGS

hi thanks used resetting option and worked for me,

Resetting the options in IE works fine….thanks!

Here’s how you can fix the problem, its very easy…
click on Start
Control Panel
Look for Internet Options Icon and Double Click on it..
Then you will have this window called Internet Properties which has 7 tabs…
click on the last tab “ADVANCED”
then click on Default Settings
then on Reset which is below Restore Advanced settings… and thats it…
good luck

I have IE7 with Vista and this happens when I try to open the internet. I’ve gotten rid of the toolbars and performed a system restore, closed messenger, etc. and nothing works. Any other suggestions?

you must uninstall the google toolbar and all will be all right

Resetting the options in IE worked for me….thanks!

Happened to me too. Started yesterday, and it’s still crashes and freezes the system. I use FF too, but FL studio and asio4all starts the 2 second problem with flash in FF, so I hope I can fix this with one of these methods above.

Definitely connected to Live Messenger on my PC – Closing that fixes the problem. Seems to stay fixed even when Live Messenger is restarted. Odd! Incidentally, I don’t have the Google Toolbar installed

I get the same error when I have Quick Books open, but it goes away when I close Quick Books.

I’m having the same issue. I’ve reset my browser settings and it still crashes. I receive the runtime error frequently even during regular use. IE seems incredibly unstable in Vista. I use FireFox instead, but occasionally, some websites will not load properly so IE is/should be a good backup.

i get the error when i try to open the internet .HELP answer me here on this forum

Try resetting IE to the defaults. You’ll find it in the advanced tab I think. This has fixed my problem twice that I know of.

I have the same problem whenever I close internet explorer. It’s really starting to annoy me. Anything I can do to get rid of it?

All I can tell you is it’s been happening ever since I got rid of a virus on my computer.

well i have the same problem i just got my computer wiped and reloaded never had the problem befor so im looking for the sulution if i find it e mail me and i will tell you how to get it gone

Hey I started having the same stupid problem trying to play online games or download games for my kids.The error message comes up and shuts down the explorer.Microsoft wasn’t any help. I did everything it said and I still have the same problem. I did notice that we all seem to have mozilla and the google bar.I’m practically computer illiterate so I was wondering if they could be conflicting or something?

BTW, this error came back. I went into Internet Options->Security and disabled protected mode. It now works. Still not the correct solution but at least i can open it up now.

I am getting the same error every time i hit the X botton on IE , when i close Windows live MSN it just doesn’t happen again, it might be a problem between those 2 generating it, as far as i know i downloaded a 3d party application that supports contacts as windows live and downloaded mozilla Firefox i’m tired of this errors.

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