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Holidays Are Over – Codemash is Around the Corner

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Speaking | Posted on 03-01-2008

College bowl games are coming to an end.  Friends and family are headed back home.  All the food has been eaten and there are no more gifts to open.  It is sad the Holidays are over.  This holiday season I tried to spend as little time on the computer as possible.  I did a pretty good job I think.  I only checked my email in the morning and at night and then sometimes not at all depending if my mobile phone received any.  It felt great to not even think about coding, programming, or work and just play with the nephew and nieces, play rock band, watch football and basically do nothing.

Now that my freeloading is done and over with now it is time to get the head wrapped around some up and coming events.  It is time to dust off the old travel bags and get ready to head up north to face the blistering cold weather.   Next week the Codemash conference starts up in Sandusky, Oh.  For those attending, don’t forget your shorts and Hawaiian shirts 🙂 

By the way I still need a ride to Codemash from the Detroit area.  If you are in the area leaving on Wednesday and returning on Friday and don’t mind me tagging along, let me know.

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