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The Redneck Elder

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Funny Stuff | Posted on 15-01-2008

Today was my four year anniversary at Quicken Loans.  Anniversary day at Quicken is always fun because typically what happens is your team leader writes up an email about your accomplishments and emails it to all of Information Technology or various teams.  It is used as a time to say thank you for all of the hard work you have done at the company.  The rest of the day you are flooded with congratulations and funny responses to fill your day.  It is one of those nice things that makes us different and it is always nice to get propped out to your teammates. 

One of the guys took the time to make this commemorative photo to capture the occasion.  Oh how the Northerners I work with make me laugh.  Enjoy.


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Congrats, dude. (Great pic.)

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