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Gmail IMAP Fixed For Windows Mobile

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Mobile Devices | Posted on 30-01-2008

Several days ago I announced I had moved to Google Apps for email mainly because of IMAP support.  One of the problems I had was reading mail on my Blackjack II phone. 

The problem was wide spread because of the way Gmail handled IMAP with Windows Mobile phones.  When an email was read via IMAP on the phone, the email would be blank.  It appeared to only affect HTML formatted email which meant Gmail was doing something weird with the email instead of just leaving it alone.  When I first discovered this I thought I didn’t download the email or I configured something incorrectly.  Searching around Gmail I learned that others had the same problem so  I did the only thing I could do, I voted on the fix.  

Earlier today I noticed that I was able to read all of the emails I selected.  Curious I got confirmation when I stumbled upon this article explaining that indeed the problem had been fixed. 

Let’s see.  Google announced IMAP support back in October so that’s about 4 months of broken IMAP support on Windows Mobile phones.  Four months to fix what should be a simple, works on every other IMAP server I have ever freaking used?  I hope nothing else breaks, this doesn’t leave me warm and fuzzy Google.

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I was very happy to see this as well. That’s been a source of frustration – at least you could read HTML emails through the Gmail interface, but then I had to be connected.

It’s not that it took 4 months to fix – they were waiting for The Elder to speak!

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