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Mono Less Than One Year Later

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in .Net, Open Source | Posted on 01-03-2008

Last April I did a real world test with Mono which is an open source project to run .Net applications on various platforms by Miquel de Icaza.  I took an enterprise application that was built from scratch in .Net 2.0 and analyzed the application.  There were 1878 methods within the application that were missing.  Let’s see how far Mono has come using the same application.

Review From Last April

There is an easy tool available to test .Net applications if they are compatible with Mono.  It is called the Mono Migration Analyzer (MoMA).  Using MoMA last year yielded these results.

Methods that are still missing in Mono: 1878
P/Invokes called : 10
Methods called that throw NotImplementedException: 168
Methods called marked with [MonoTodo]: 831
Version:  1.1.1

There is no doubt with these many methods missing the application is not Mono ready.  Let’s re-run these tests on the same application to check the progress.

Same Application Different Results

The same application less than a year later shows tremendous progress.  Keep in mind I didn’t use the exact same version of the application, I used the latest version from source control of the application.  There have been thousands of lines of code added to the application since last April.  Even with constant change the results today fair very well.  Here is the same screen.


Methods that are still missing in Mono: 181
P/Invokes called : 10
Methods called that throw NotImplementedException: 159
Methods called marked with [MonoTodo]: 108
Version:  1.2.6

Very promising indeed.

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