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.Net War Stories – Tech-Ed 2008 Birds of a Feather Submission

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in .Net | Posted on 31-03-2008

I submitted a Birds of a Feather submission for Tech-Ed 2008.  The title of it is “.Net War Stories”. 

I’ve always wanted to moderate a BOF session at Tech-Ed but just never really came up with anything I was willing to submit.  For the past several days I have been thinking a lot about .Net.  During a conversation after work with a friend last week he said, “I get more out of talking to you in one hour than I would have if I’d spent that time at the computer reading countless blogs and documentation.”  He wasn’t saying that I’m a genius, far from it, his point was that it is the stories I have to tell about this technology or this technology that are the difference.  This is when it hit me, we just need to tell our war stories!  Here’s the session details I submitted.

Within a few years we’ve had a lot of technologies to keep up with on the .Net platform including .Net 3.0, WPF, WFC, WF, .Net 3.5, Visual Studio 2008, Asp.Net MVC Framework, Silverlight, LINQ and soon the Entity Framework. Are you feeling like you are at Information Overload? Don’t worry, we all are! At some point you have to take all these technologies and solve business problems with them. Demos are great but what’s the “real world story” from the trenches? And where do you start? Which ones work, and which ones don’t? This discussion isn’t about marketing and demos it is about the shiny pennies (the good) and the rusty washers (the bad) with these technologies. Bring your .Net war stories to this discussion and help others wade through information overload.

I don’t know if anyone even thinks this would be a great session but I think a lot of people like myself are in information overload.  Maybe this session would help.

At this point I have no idea if the session will get taken by Tech-Ed.  Contact your Senator or Congressman if you think it should be on the list for Tech-Ed 2008.

If you wish to vote for this session you can cast your vote here:


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I stole your idea and did this as an Open Space at the Central Ohio Day of .NET… it was pretty cool. We had 10 people show up and we talked about a wide variety of topics. I thought it was fun… I agree with you that I often learn more from just sitting around with people and talking about what works and what doesn’t.

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