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Need Your Help – Choose My Podcast Show Name

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in General | Posted on 08-04-2008

Coming up with a name for something is one of the hardest things to do.  A name says the intent, can lock you into certain genres and much more.  I need your help in naming my up and coming podcast show.  Before you cast your vote here is the intent of the show.

A show with a Southern Flavor telling tales and stories about technology that is available today from the perspective of those who have gone through the learning curve of the technology and are ready to tell their story in a simple and easy to understand manner.

There are three choices currently on the table at the moment.

  • Gumpology.Com – Technology explained so even your Grandmother can understand it.
  • RustyWashers.Com – Seperating the shinny pennies and rusty washers in technology so you don’t have to.
  • DevTales.Com – (no tag line, name is self explanatory)
  • DeepFriedBytes.Com – Anything deep fried is good c’mon!

Here are the pros and cons of each one after shopping the names around.

Gumpology Pros

  • While the first impression may be about Forrest Gump, it isn’t about Forrest at all.  It is about explaining technology so it is easier to understand.  The dumbing down of technology if you will. 
  • A unique name.
  • Broad, could cover a lot of things.

Gumpology Cons

  • Has too much Forrest connotation with it. 
  • Over used.
  • Possible copyright troubles.

RustyWashers Pros

  • The name is more in line with what the show is about.  The show is about tales and stories from the trenches, an aspect of that is finding the rusty washers and shinny pennies within a technology. 
  • Easy to theme.
  • Not technology specific, could cover lots of things
  • Easy to spell 

RustyWashers Cons

  • People may not identify with the name immediately.

DevTales Pros

  • Fairly short name.
  • The word “tales” sort of sets the show context.

DevTales Cons

  • Very generic and plain
  • Not very Southern sounding
  • Locks the show into only development technologies

DeepFriedBytes Pros

  • Everything Southern is deep fried
  • Sounds techy and Southern
  • Kinda funny

DeepFriedBytes Cons

  • I can’t think of one

A lot of things to weigh in on no doubt.  You see why I’m struggling with this?  When in doubt, create a Poll I say!  Vote for your favorite show name here:


UPDATED:  Add a new domain so I started the poll all over.  Revote!

Comments (6)

Gumpology? lmao
I rather like RustyWashers myself 🙂
and “deep fried bytes” sounds kinda gross lol

That 1 guy had a good idea though: take the name of the KISS album “Music From the Elder” and go something like: “Massive Musical Musings of Titillating Titanium Technological Mechanics … From The Elder” (how about that? .. or something … LOL) and use that?
Doubt you like KISS though, I never did lol


The first vote was ok, I liked the rusty washer concept, but deep fried is it man…. stick that one out

I added a new choice that I think is good. Revote if you already voted, I had to start the poll all over.

I vote for Gumpology.com. Liked DevTales, but if you don’t want to have it too dev focused, then the former.


Sorry none of the excite you. I’d rather make it about the show and the technology rather than me. The show isn’t about me so I purposefully chose to leave any play on words of me out of it.

Names don’t make or break it I don’t think. It is about the content, and the quality I think that are more important. Coming up with the name is just one of those things we have to do. After that, the real fun starts. Thanks for weighing in.

Do me a favor and at least pick ONE of them. Use the force if need be!


Frankly none of them really excite me. How about something like “Wisdom From The Elder” or “Listen to your Elder”. Generic enough but specific for you.

I’ll keep thinking, time for YAM. (Yet Another Meeting).

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