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Witty Twitter Published

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in PC Software | Posted on 03-05-2008

I just published a new version of Witty Twitter via ClickOnce.  Things have been a little slow lately but some progress has been made.  Everyone has been really busy.  Alan had a baby (congrats!), well Alan didn’t have the baby but he’s a daddy now.  Jon and Scott are still recovering from the MVP Summit in April and Brian just switched jobs and is moving.  As for me I’ve been working on a little something something that I’ll officially announce in a week or two.  Stay tuned!

Here’s a screen shot from the log that covers what’s been done.


As you see, we have not resolved the issues with skins getting deployed via ClickOnce yet.  We’ll get it though, don’t worry.

There are several ways to get the latest version.  If you have the app running you can either wait until the auto update alerts you or you can go to the update options screen and click the button to update.  You can get the latest version by clicking this link (make sure Witty isn’t running).


If this is your first time to install Witty just click the link and enjoy but make sure you have the .Net 3.5 framework installed before doing so. 

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Nice update, Keith, but it still doesn’t render avatars with IE 8 installed.

WOW! This is awesome. I want to read the code now. I clicked on it and it worked perfectly, except I typed in the wrong password. Thanks

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