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Episode 2: Interview War Stories

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Podcast | Posted on 30-05-2008


In April 2008 about 1700 Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs) descended upon Seattle, WA.  On Sunday, April 13th around 11:00 PM a group of MVPs gathered in the lobby of the Westin Hotel (an MVP Summit ritual) and started talking shop.  Deep Fried Bytes was there to capture the action.  We broke out the recording devices and decided to tape a show entitled “Interview War Stories”.  If you are looking for a job, this show will shed some light on what the experts like to ask when interviewing.  You’ll also hear stories about what not to do on interviews as well.  Late night insanity ensued as we progressed throughout the evening and we closed the show with a discussion as to whether a chicken class (yes a public class Chicken () { } ) should implement IEggable or ICanLayEggs.  This show is surely one for the record books!

Listen to the show

Thanks to all of the guests below that joined us on the show.


Rob Conery works at Microsoft on the ASP.NET team. He is the Creator of SubSonic and was the Chief Architect of the Commerce Starter Kit (a free, Open Source eCommerce platform for .NET)

He lives in Kauai, HI with his family, and when his clients aren’t looking, he sometimes write things on his blog (giving away secrets of incalculable value).

Blog:  http://blog.wekeroad.com/

image Scott Watermasysk works for Telligent leading the development of Community Server and is a writer, blogger, speaker and all around technologist.

Blog:  http://simpable.com/


Steven Harman is a passionate developer who believes that writing great software isn’t his job, it’s his craft. He is a Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET and co-administrator the Subtext project, an Open Source blogging engine for .NET. Steven believes the status quo is never good enough and we should strive to challenge our own assumptions and always be pushing to improve our craft. You can read Steven’s thoughts on reducing development friction, practicing Test-Driven Development, his love for Open Source software, and just about everything else software related at his blog, http://stevenharman.net. Steven is a Geek, and proud of it.

(pic not available) Jeff Tucker is an Agile Evangelist (because he says so).  He is a software engineer in real life and develops for both Windows and Linux.  Jeff lives in Seattle and joined us at the Westin.

Blog: http://agilology.blogspot.com/


Brian H. Prince is an Architect Evangelist with Microsoft focused on building and educating the architect community in his district. Prior to joining Microsoft in March 2008, he was a Senior Director, Technology Strategy for a major mid-west partner.

Further, he is a co-founder of the non-profit organization CodeMash (www.codemash.org). He speaks at various regional and national technology events including TechEd.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and Physics from Capital University, Columbus, Ohio. He is also an avid gamer.

Blog:  http://brianhprince.blogspot.com/


Aaron Jenson is the Director of Engineering for Eleutian Technology and cofounder of the Machine project.

Blog:  http://aaron.codebetter.com

image Oren Eini is a senior developer in We!, a consulting group based in Israel, focusing on architecture, data access and best practices. Most often, he is working on building complex business systems using .Net 2.0, NHibernate and Castle’s Frameworks, providing training and guidance for the use of Object Relational Mapping, Inversion of Control, Domain Driven Design and other exciting topics. Oren is an active member in several leading Open Source projects, including (but not limited 🙂 ) NHibernate, Castle and Rhino Mocks. He had publish an article on MSDN about advance usages of Inversion of Control Containers and done a DNR TV Episode about NHibernate.

Blog: http://ayende.com


Aaron Erickson is an author, speaker, and thought leader – an advocate for delivery of competitive advantage through the strategic use of technology.  For over 15 years, Aaron has been helping companies in a diverse set of industries more effectively leverage their technology portfolio.  In 2007, Aaron was awarded with a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for his contributions to the broader technical community, and currently serves the Magenic Chicago office, where he works with Magenic’s Chicago client base to help them get the most from their technology investments.

Blog:  http://blog.magenic.com/blogs/aarone/

image Scott Bellware is a software professional based in Austin, Texas. He is the founder and leader of the AgileATX community of agile software practitioners in Austin. Scott is a recipient of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional award. He has been working in .NET and the .NET community since April of 2001.

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/sbellware

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