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Deep Fried Bytes Episode 3 Released, Lots of Updates

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Podcast | Posted on 13-06-2008

Yesterday we released the third episode of our Deep Fried Bytes podcast show.  The third episode is about the online social networking phenomenon Twitter.  A group of Twitter power users met up on the last day of the TechEd 2008 Conference to discuss their ideas, experiences and observations of the online service. 

You can read more about the show, show notes, and about our guests by visiting:


Ways To Listen To The Show

There are several ways to listen to Deep Fried Bytes.

1.  Directly From The Web Site

We now support listening to our shows directly from the web site!  When you visit the site look for this:


Clicking the triangle will launch the Yahoo! media player and automatically start playing the show for you.  As long as you leave the browser window open the player will stay open.  Clicking off the page WILL stop the player!


2.  Subscribe via iTunes and Zune

Since the second episode we’ve made a lot of progress.  The biggest news is anyone that wants to listen to the show can do so simply by opening the iTunes Store or the Zune Market Place (for those that have iPods and Zunes).  Once you open iTunes or Zune simply search for “Deep Fried Bytes” and you’ll be able to subscribe to us.  Subscribing via iTunes or Zune allows you to keep up with the current shows on your portable devices.  Click either of the two icons below to automatically subscribe to the show if you have iTunes or Zune installed. 

Subscribe via iTunes Store Subcribe via Zune Market Place

Of course, if you want to subscribe to the show via a standard RSS reader like FeedDemon, or Google Reader we support that as well.  If you haven’t subscribed to the show yet, here is the RSS feed.

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Welcome Elly Mae To The Show!


We’d like to welcome Elly Mae to the third episode.  We decided we needed a token Southern Belle on the show so we asked Elly Mae and she said yes!  For those that haven’t listened to the show yet, Elly Mae is helping us out with introducing the show.  She did a fantastic job her first time out and is already mounting legions of fans. 

For those that have written in already asking who Elly Mae is, we can’t say, she wishes to remain anonymous at this time.  She did want me to say she hoped you enjoyed her doing the intros and she can’t wait to do the next show.

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