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I Was Harassed and Verbally Abused By A First Grader On AOL Instant Messenger

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Funny Stuff | Posted on 01-07-2008

Yesterday I was working at the computer and I got this random message from someone I didn’t recognize.  I publish my instant message and email on the Internet freely for the very reason so people can find me and contact me.  It is not unusual to have someone ping me asking for help or a friend trying to get back in touch.  I politely said hello and do I know you.  They said no they just wanted to chat.  I politely explained if we didn’t know each other I didn’t have an interest.  They said good bye and we went our separate ways.  Tonight, as a matter of fact a few minutes ago I was about to head to bed.  This same person pinged me via AIM (AOL instant messenger)  again tonight.  But this time they started throwing around four letter words and being extremely hostile.  I have no idea how old this person is but I deduced deducted by their lack of typing and spelling skills they were a first grader.  I captured the entire conversation in a screen shot.  I grayed out the first graders explicit words as to not offend anyone. Lord knows I’ve been offended enough tonight.

Here’s the conversation.  For the record my handle is in red.  The words grayed out rhyme with duck but have various spellings and combinations of duk, ducu, and duku.


I don’t even know what to say at this point except this person is an idiot and his/her parents should ground them for life.  It is ridiculous that someone feels they can hide behind a keyboard and say anything they want.  It just shows how ruthless and careless the human race can be and how far they will go if there are no boundaries in place. 

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Longtime reader who is commenting first time…

>> So no, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a bot, but if it was, it was a really stupid one.

Nah, it must’ve been either a very intelligent bot or a very stupid huamn.

Several people messaged me and thought that but I wasn’t since I had talked to this person the day before. Another sign that tells me it wasn’t a bot is the fact that it never “spurted” messages. You can tell when someone is typing and they would type, stop typing (which shows they couldn’t type) and start again. Bots typically spurt text quickly and there never a sign of them typing.

So no, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a bot, but if it was, it was a really stupid one.

My gut reaction to this was that you were talking to a bot. Especially with the random dropping of what I assume are “adult” sites.

Does anyone else think that?

I think the word you wanted was ‘deduced’, rather than ‘deducted’. I’m assuming you correctly spelled the wrong word, rather than misspelled the right word. 😉

It’s an interesting comment on the double edge sword of anonymity. On one hand it lets dissenters in oppressive regimes to get word out about the plight they are in. On the other hand it’s let’s dweebs harass us without fear of retribution.

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