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Guitar Hero – The New Drum Kit

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in XBOX 360 | Posted on 02-07-2008

News has been floating around that EA/Harmonix/MTV is going to release a new version of their hit Guitar Hero this year entitled……(drum roll)……. (pun intended)…….. Guitar Hero World Tour! (cymbal crash!).  One of the changes is they are adding a drum kit.  Being an avid Rock Band drummer I was happy to hear they are adding crash cymbals to it as shown here.


So what’s not to like?  Personally, and this is just me, I think it is missing an extra tom tom to the right of the green pad.  If they really wanted to provide a real feel to the drum set there should be another tom next to the green pad.  Of course that would give 7 total inputs but still manageable.  Actually thinking about it I’m not even sure why I’m asking for more pads to be placed onto it, I can’t play a lot of songs on expert now as it is!

I just hope they make the bass pedal more resilient so it doesn’t break like Rock Band’s.  I hope to be standing in line to pickup the latest version when it hits the shelves.

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