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Deep Fried Bytes Episode 5: Developing .NET Software on a Mac

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Podcast | Posted on 07-07-2008

Episode 5 of Deep Fried Bytes is out!  This episode is a real cross pollination of technologies whereby we are talking about doing .Net development using a Mac. 

My Show Notes

About five or six years ago I purchased a Mac.  As a long time Unix user I loved it and spent countless hours preaching it’s never ending hotness.  Then I got a job whereby using the right tool for the job was .Net.  My Powerbook wasn’t fast enough to virtualize development of any sort since it only had a G4 processor running at 867MHz.  I did have a virtual machine setup for Windows XP on it but it was so slow it was impossible to even boot up let alone do development with it.  Thus I’ve had to use use a PC for .Net development. 

Fast forward several years later and Apple’s Intel Mac Book Pro line up has the same horse power needed to do what I wanted to do years ago.  Keep my Mac but write .Net code.  Today the game has changed whereby it is possible with virtualization to own a Mac and write .Net software.  Over the past six months I’ve seen more and more .Net developers purchasing Macs.  Even today, Scott Reynolds who was a guest in Episode 3 about Twitter, just got his Mac Book Pro today.  Other developers are natively booting Windows using Boot Camp but purchase the Mac because of the hardware. 

Is this setup for everyone?  No, I don’t think it is.  If you aren’t comfortable using virtualization to develop software then owning a Mac may not be for you.  But if you like developing for .Net and being able to write software for three major platforms using one machine (Windows, OSX, Linux) then this may be something you might want to consider.  At least until OSX can run on standard PC hardware (which isn’t on the radar anytime soon).

This is another one of those “not so typical” shows whereby we are really trying to go deep and find the true pulse of what is going on technology.  I hope you enjoy it.

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