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Deep Fried Bytes Episode 6: Talking Domain-Driven Design with David Laribee – Part 1

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Podcast | Posted on 22-07-2008

Last week we recorded our 6th episode of Deep Fried Bytes with guest David Laribee.  We started talking to David and before we knew it was two hours later!  To say time flew by would be an understatement.  There was so much good material that we broke the show up into two parts.  The first part released on July 16th is about 35 minutes in length.  Yeah, kind of short but it was the best place to stop the conversation and pick it back up.  The second part will be at least 45 minutes or longer. 

The topic was domain driven design.  It was great to talk to David who has studied the concept at length.  We really tried to dig down into the various aspects of DDD and look at it from a real world perspective. 

I’m a little late posting this but I’ve been speaking and traveling the past few days and thus not at a computer for a great length of time.  If you haven’t listened to the show yet, dive in.

Oh, by the way, in this show we changed up the format a bit.  So for those of you who think you know our format and love to fast forwarding through the intro I recommend you don’t on this episode.    We love to keep our listeners on their toes!  Enjoy.

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