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Deep Fried Bytes Episode 8: Behind The Scenes At Microsoft.Com

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Podcast | Posted on 01-08-2008

In episode #4 we recorded a show with Joe Stump from Digg.Com.  In that show we talked about how a site like Digg.Com scales using Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.  I thought it would be cool to do the same kind of show but look at it from the standpoint of using Microsoft technology.  What better place to get the scoop on something like that than Microsoft itself!?  Thus we sat down with Brad and Jim from MSCOM which run the IT department at Microsoft that is in charge of Microsoft.Com.  Here are some interesting facts we learned:

  • They use all Microsoft technology.  Have been for years.
  • Do not run a firewall.
  • Have 80-120 servers that power Microsoft.com across two data centers.
  • Support over 350 applications.
  • 35,000 concurrent sessions
  • 15,000 requests / second
  • 5Gb/s to 500Gb/s of throughput
  • 260 Million unique visitors per month visit the site world wide.  55 million from the United States.
  • Microsoft.Com was once run from one computer under someone’s desk.
  • They take availability seriously and use products before they launch to put them under stress before customers get them.

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