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Message Me, Seriously, I’m Not Kidding

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Internet | Posted on 24-10-2008

You and I need to chat.  Sure Twitter and blogging is great but we really can’t have a conversation there.  More times than not I find myself wanting to discuss something with someone in more detail but I don’t want to do it via Twitter or Email, it just doesn’t feel natural. 

I’m a huge fan of Instant Messaging.  I’ve been using it for years and still to this day find it one of the most valuable tools in my arsenal of communication.  The problem is I don’t have everyone’s instant message handles.  This makes it tough.  It is weird that most people give out their email address but most people don’t give out their instant message.  I’m here to say INSTANT MESSAGE ME.  This is the preferred way I like to communicate.  Seriously, add me to your instant messenger.  Here’s my handle:

I Hereby Ban Direct Messaging on Twitter

I don’t like direct messaging on Twitter.  It annoys the heck out of me that someone wants to send me a quick message, yet the ONLY way they can send me something is through Twitter which then generates an Email to me letting me know I have a message which then I have to click back to the Twitter web site to send a message back to them which generates another email to them and back and forth.  It sucks!

Let’s just stop using it and use the better tool, INSTANT MESSAGING.

If you have sent me a direct message in the past know this is not directed at you.  You probably didn’t know we could communicate better, I blame Twitter, not you.

Order of Communication

Here is the order of communication preference I use when I need to communicate with someone.  I realize that everyone will not have the same order but this is about me not you 🙂

  1. Phone – If I need something right now I need to discuss, I pickup the phone and just call.  It is quick and easy.
  2. Text – If I have something to say right now and it can’t wait  but I don’t want to intrude with a phone call because of various reasons (meetings, traveling, etc)  I text.  Texting is a great way to get something to someone “under the radar” when I need them to get a message that doesn’t necessarily require a conversation.  In WCF terms, I think of it as a one way message mostly.  Example: “Hey I’m over here, come join me for lunch if you are able to.” 
  3. Instant Message – If there is no emergency and I’m at a computer, then I use IM as my default communication.  I like this for a lot of reasons.  One I can see if the person is available, away, busy, etc.  If I miss their message, I have a log of it.  And I have a log of the things we’ve discussed previously for reference.
  4. Email – If information is lengthy and it is something I need someone to take action on, then I email it.  It is also something that isn’t time sensitive that can sit in a mailbox for days.
  5. Twitter Direct Message – I use this ONLY because I don’t have someone on IM.  Stop the madness and let’s communicate via IM!

Seriously let’s start using the right tool for the right job and get back to a baked technology that everyone has been using for years.  Seriously, it is ok, add me to your IM and message me.  Please don’t feel that you can’t or shouldn’t message, let’s have a conversation.  If I’m busy and can’t chat, that’s OK, I’ll let you know and get back with you.

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hey man, I was pretty hype the other day, with everybody all yellin about politics and my cousin still in the hospital plus my wife is pregnant so my plate is full w/ nuts.

Anyway I’d like to hear your take on the industry. I listened to that podcast with you and your cronie w/ that brilliant Duke guy that helped GNOME development and also sees the obvious when it comes to the positives of open source. I didn’t mean to coome across as harsh. I used to rap man. I used to flame people on BBSs. I just type faster than hell and I wanted to talk about it. I just needed a chill pill. Seriously though, I’d like to catch up with you. I am very impressed with your success in the industry. I have some skills as well. Hit me up on one of my cell phones sometime… 6158180137 or 6157855841.

I can’t chat on facebook. They blocked me b/c I was on all day and I guess I talked to everybody; it was pretty full b/c of the election. Glad all that is over with.

If you have a few, call. Let’s catch up, then we can find a bigger block of free time later to have an enjoyable discussion about geeky stuff.



Having direct msgs go to SMS is nice, but only when I’m away from my desk. If I am sitting at my desk and the person that wants to send me a message is sitting at their desk I just say let’s take the path of least resistance. A DM via twitter is not the path of least resistance. 99% of the time a DM requires a response and thus causes more pain to respond.

Here is the other problem with DM. We can only DM someone that is following we are following and vice versa. I have over 500 followers on Twitter right now so following that many people isn’t realistic. Thus, if those people that I cannot DM or those that cannot DM me need to exchange info, let’s take the path of least resistance.

I love Direct Message on Twitter. There I said it. I like it because it comes to my phone. It is equivalent in my mind to SMS, but easier. Also, not all IM services support offline IMing. Twitter DMs are stateless. I like that.

IMs are nice. but during the day they are real time and distracting. On Twitter I can reply when I get the chance. Not saying ALL communication should go through Twitter, but there is value in it.

My order of communication (FWIW) is: Twitter, Email, phone, IM/SMS (esp when combined through AIM’s IMing to SMS #s).

I agree with you on Twitter Direct Message. Personally, I turned off Text messaging, because it is a racket. Why should I pay for you to send me a text, not going to happen. One last thing, don’t forget that IM is not limited to use on the computer. I have a BlackBerry (yes, I know) and can use GoogleTalk (I said, I know) to IM people. I suspect Live Messenger works just as well on a phone.

Great post. My order of communication is slightly different: Text, IM, Phone, Email, Twitter. I find that I am almost always reachable by Text. Even meetings…as long as I’m not talking, I’ll respond quickly.

Sounds like a plan but I think the hardest part of moving is unpacking.

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