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Blackjack II with Windows Mobile 6.1 Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Fix

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Howtos, Mobile Devices, Windows | Posted on 25-10-2008

Since I upgraded my Blackjack II to Windows Mobile 6.1 I haven’t traveled anywhere where I needed Internet Connection Sharing to work.  Getting ready for a trip this week I decided to test ICS before I got to the airport.  I just assumed it would work but it wasn’t the case for me. 

First off props to Steve Harman for already posting how to get into the phone and unlock the connections on the phone.  Like Steve I figured the settings were not correct (I’ve gone down this road before with AT&T).   Here’s how to fix the Blackjack II with Windows Mobile 6.1 to tether to your computer using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) that is built into the 6.1 upgrade.

Step 1:

Follow Steve’s outline on how to unlock the GPRS connections via the registry.

You’ll need to download a utility.  Here is the link for posterity sakes:


Step 2:

Once the settings are unlocked try to connect and see if you can. I was unable to.  I kept getting:

The remote party has ended this connection.

I went back into the settings and added the following username and password to the AT&T ISP setting and then it connected.  Success!

Password:  CINGULAR1

When connecting to wap.cingular as the access point, I’ve always had to enter the username and password to get things to work.  Maybe some don’t, I’m not sure what the rules are, maybe it is location based who knows.  Anyway, I hope this helps.  Cheers.

UPDATE 10/31/2008

When I was in Los Angeles, CA I had to change these settings.  The only thing I got to work was applying the same settings in step 2 to the AT&T MediaNet connection.

UPDATE 3/20/2009

The best way I’ve found to get ICS working on Mobile 6.1 is to install the previous fix.  You’ll find it on my other review of the Blackjack II here.

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i’ve had the bj2 for about six months and i recently fount out my messaging plan included instant messaging.
the problem is i cant log on to anything, let alone recieve multimedia
i feel like im paying for nothing

I found this information on another site but wanted to let you know as this was the only missing instruction from above. Once you have entered all the information required as per the previous postings, here is one last step to do and you will be online.

Go to Settings – Connections (6) – Wireless Manager (1)
With Wireless Manager highlighted (do not press the OK on joystick), select Menu then Advanced.

Internet connection – Select TMobile or whatever you named your GPRS for connecting to the Internet.

Select Done and exit out of there.

You should now be on the internet when you go to the Explorer.

i had previously performed the registry hacks to unlock the gprs settings some time ago to my samsung blackjack ii wm6.1 device. i wasn’t sure why i was doing it, but it did it. the only thing i had to change to get ics was: settings -> connections -> gprs -> at&t isp -> access point . i changed isp.cingular to wap.cingular as did graham in a previous comment. i click connect and i’m off.

thank you all for all your help,

Hi Keith,

I have done everything fine, even in my Internet Sharing it says connected. All working good, but I cannot connect to the Internet!

My access is locally only and no Internet at all. Do you have a solution for this case? I do have an Unlimited Data usage.

Thank you,


I have just switched from BJ 1 to BJ 2 and have been having a heck of a time getting ICS going. I am unable to get it working on my Vista PC. Well just for the heck of it I tried it on my XP laptop and the ICS instantly worked. I did a speed test and got 1.4 MBS D/L. Almost 5x’s faster then my BJ1

Now, how do I get it to work with Vista?

I was only able to get it to work when I changed isp. to wap.

🙂 Thanks!

jw what exactly am i doing when i change from isp. to wap.? am i connecting to media net? or do I get seperate tethering charges? and if it is connecting to media net and i dont have a tethering plan is it something they wont notice or do i risk violating the contract? I have a standard pda personal 30$ plan and a blackjack II.


I’ve had things work and not work depending on where I’ve been. I am still trying to get it to work consistently myself.

Ok, I have followed both of you guys on all of the steps to fix the ICS on wm6.1 on my blackjackii and now it does say it connects, and it hands my computer an ip address, but the computer does not get on the internet
I’m lost at this point- was all excited and now stupid instead- lol 🙂

can any1 tell me i have the pantech duo with windows mobile 6.1 and if i use the internet sharing does that count as internet use on my phone or is it free?

@Tech Guy

If you are on the road 70% of the time, then I wouldn’t recommend tethering. That much usage violates the plan. You can get away with it on occasional use.

70% travel pushes you to the point to where you should probably consider something like the AT&T USBConnect Mercury which is just a 3G Usb connector that allows you to get on the Internet.

Currently with 2 yr contract and after mail in rebate the device is free, so you can’t beat the price.

Now for the downside. The plan for this device is limited to 5GB / month. And if you purchase tethering for a phone, you are at the same 5GB / month limit. And don’t even think about going over this plan because they are charging quiet the price. That means (if my numbers are correct) that you’d pay an additional $503 / GB you used. Yeah, that’s crazy.

As far as the BJ phone, it is a great phone, I still like it.

Hi Keith,
Just stumbled onto your post. I’m hoping you can give me some advice.

I spend almost 70% of my life on the road and I’ve tried solving my connectivity problem using Verizon Wireless Evdo (WAY too expensive) and tethering my AT&T Blackberry (too slow on EDGE – if you’re lucky to get that).

I’ve been reading about people who had luck with tethering their Blackjack. And since the time has come for me to purchase a new phone, I was wondering if you’d recommend it, or is there a better alternative out there that you know of?

Thanks for your time,

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