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IIS7 – Service Unavailable Error App Pool Permissions

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Windows | Posted on 24-11-2008

I just spent two hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t deploy a Windows Communications Service to my local IIS setup.  I kept getting the famous error:

503 – Service Unavailable

This error is about as helpful as a toothpick in a snow storm.

It turned out my problem was simple to solve, I just wasn’t paying attention. 

I had an application pool setup with my domain credentials so the service could run under my username and access the resources it needed to.  The problem was it had been so long since I  had worked on the application, my password for my domain account had expired.  Thus the application pool wouldn’t start.  I changed the password and things are working now. 

Hopefully this will help someone out there not waste a few hours of work.  I’m off to kick myself for not catching this earlier.

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