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A Blog Post About Nothing: Part 1 – Work

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in General | Posted on 20-12-2008

imageHave you ever felt like the world was moving at the speed of light, yet you were just doing your own thing?  That’s how I’ve felt lately.  It seems everyone has tons of stuff to talk about on their blogs and Twitter.  I decided I was going to force myself to write a blog article this morning to start my Christmas vacation off and after thinking about what I was going to blog about it hit me.  I don’t have anything to blog or twitter about!  Call it a Blog / Twitter Slump if you will.  That’s why I entitled this series of blog posts, “A blog post about nothing”.

What’s Happening at Work

At work I’ve been working on some really interesting stuff with WCF that will provide ample blog articles for awhile but I am not ready to open that can of worms just yet.  All I can say is they will be definitive guides on how to work with WCF in certain situations.  At least, I hope they will be. 

Last week I was in Michigan working onsite.  Woody, who hosts Deep Fried Bytes with me, was working in Detroit and I was staying in Livonia which is about 20 minutes away.  Instead of Woody staying with his brother driving 45 minutes back and forth from his client he stayed with me since I had a couch that pulled out as a bed (gotta love the Embassy Suites).  That was good because it gave us a chance to catch up and plot some up and coming shows and other stuff. 

On Wednesday after work we drove over to Ann Arbor to listen to Jason Follas present “Well isn’t that Spatial” at the Ann Arbor Dot Net User Group.  Afterwards I handed a bunch of Deep Fried Bytes stickers out, and a slew of us went to go out and eat.  There was massive geek talk and it was great to see Jay Wren, Bill Wagner, The McWherters (Jeff and Carla), Darrel Hawley, Jay Harris, Dan Hibbits, and a slew of others I can’t recall because it was so long ago.  I did put a twitter face with a name while I was there.  I finally know who IGNU (Len Smith) is now.  I’ve met Len before but he has a cartoon character as a picture on Twitter, thus I had no idea who he really was.

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