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Witty Twitter Published

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in .Net, PC Software | Posted on 20-12-2008

Get Latest Version Here:

http://keithelder.net/software/witty/witty.application (requires .Net 3.0 framework)

It has been awhile since I published a version of Witty Twitter.  I was going to push one a month or so ago but new features were not ready for prime time.  This version has a few neat twists in it.  Here is a list of things that were added. 


Witty now supports multiple URL services.  TinyUrl is the default, but it also supports Bitly and ISGD.

Another feature added is the ability to filter tweets.  This would have been handy during election time but there are other times you just want to tune out some noise.


Another feature is the ability to temporarily ignore a user.  Sure everyone needs More Wally in their life, but there are times when there can be too much Wally.  Right click a user and click “Temporarily Ignore User”.  This will ignore that user for 30 minutes.  Very handy when someone you are following starts to get a little out of hand.


Thanks to Jon Galloway for putting most of these features in.  Enjoy.

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I just turned on the laptop I keep in the living room and started Witty and it upgraded just fine.

Just an FYI – I let the ClickOnce installer do its thing and auto-magically upgrade my previous version of Witty for me, but then it would crash on startup. Not sure what the error was as it was just reported as an “Unexpected Error”… as if there’s another kind. 🙂

I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling fresh and now I’m rockin’ and rollin’!

WPF uses cleartype. Here is more information:


very cool, but it seems to force cleartype on me – which I cannot use as it gives me headaches – is that a side-effect of WPF or can it be turned off?

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