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Witty Twitter 2.1.1 Published

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Internet, PC Software | Posted on 04-02-2009

A minor update to Witty Twitter was just published, version 2.1.1.  You can install the latest version here:



This release fixes a bug whereby users with a large number of followers and friends would see old replies and updates.  Here are the official features and fixes in this release:

  • Feature: Compact URLs on the fly – when you paste a URL into the update window it will automatically shrink the URL if it exceeds the 140 character limit  http://bit.ly/xzfSG
  • Feature: Tweets over 140 chars are now automatically split up –  I used this feature in a conversation on twitter yesterday and it is really nice.  http://bit.ly/16yJX
  • Fix: Typing @ results in $1 followed by twitter name http://bit.ly/12JE2
  • Fix: Login window remains visible after first login http://bit.ly/16aSyT
  • Fix:  Witty making too many API calls http://bit.ly/1urU4S

To update Witty, click on Options and the Updates tab and press “Check for Update”.  If you are a first time installer, then just click this link:



This version doesn’t show 2.1.1 in the window, however if you click on options and updates it should say 2.1.1:



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Check the web site, Alan Le started the project and then myself, Jon Galloway and Scott Koon jumped in.

I’ve done stuff in Witty but there are a bunch of us that have contributed. Jon has been doing a lot the past month to get some traction.

The thing I have been doing lately is keep the ClickOnce version I started awhile back up to date so people can easily install it. Less friction than downloading, and running an MSI.


I had no idea you were the one wrote WItty, very nice

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