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New Witty Twitter Published – 2.1.2

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Internet, PC Software | Posted on 06-02-2009

Get the latest version here:



New Features

Copy Tweets – This patch submitted by http://twitter.com/chrisroland allows you to highlight text within a Tweet.  The result is the tweet gets copied into your buffer automatically.  The solution isn’t perfect as noted by Jon if you follow the link, but it works. 

Reply Links in @ Replies – Now when you reply to a tweet, it now shows the status you replied to if you visit the web site.  This patch was also submitted by http://twitter.com/chrisroland. He’s on fire!  Here is a screen shot.


Reply All – YACRP (yet another Chris Roland patch).  This came in as a feature request from Shawn Wildermuth and it is one that I wanted as well.  Chris got it working and I added it to some additional context menus.  Here is how it works.  Here is a tweet that Matt Brewer just posted this morning and you’ll notice it has two additional names in it, Steve and David. 


When pressed, all the @ replies are added to your tweet.  Good stuff!



There were two bugs that were fixed in this release.  One was a TwitterNet username property bug and the other fixed or tweaked a new feature whereby URLs are automatically shortened.

To get the latest version, click Options->Updates and get the latest.  Thanks to Chris Roland for pumping out these new features.

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