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Demystifying WCF on DNRTV

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in WCF | Posted on 23-02-2009

imageI had the pleasure last week of sitting down to record an episode of DNRTV with Carl Franklin.  I decided to do a strip down version of a talk I give on WCF called Demystyfying Windows Communication Foundation.  The purpose of the talk is to get developers interested in WCF by taking out some of the mystery of the new technology.   I know a lot of developers out there are still using ASMX to build services and have hesitations of moving to WCF because of the learning curve.  I tried to break down WCF and remove the mystery behind it as well as give a lot of comparisons as to what developers will find different when moving from ASMX services to WCF.

You can watch the episode using Silverlight here:


The slide deck can be downloaded from here:



I tried to fix the power point problem John was having below by re-saving it in 2007 format.

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Thank you for the great presentation on dnrTV, this along with the screencasts on channel9’s endpointTV should get me started.

However, I’ve yet to find a good primer or screencast on consuming wcf service using ajax from a non-self-hosted service.

Hi Jonathan,

What type of security keys do you have in mind?

Excellent Screencast!!!!
I have been working on a web application with my first WCF layer and it works well. However it took me a long time to understand all that goes into configuration. I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT THE CONFIGURATION TOOL!!!! I think that would have helped me get up and running much quicker for the configuration.

One other note, I’d like to see an example using security keys for encrypting the messages as well as hosting in IIS. If you get another chance to do a screen cast, I would love it.

Thanks again!!!

Happy Campers Keith! All is good and the refresh is opening fine! Thank you ~ John

Keith – tried on a diff mach w/2007 and tried letting GoogleApps open it as well and still no joy. Powerpoint complains that there is no converter for this type of file and PPT Viewer says it’s not a Powerpoint file (same msgs on 2 diff machines.) No worries, I can pull some screenshots off of DNR.

Again, really cogent presentation. The one slide regarding bindings is most helpful. Parenthetically, I AM a pilot, and the analogy you draw is spot on! 🙂

Best, John

Keith – thank you. I’ll try it on a different machine… d/l’d a couple times with the same results, so it’s gotta be at my end. Best! John


Thanks John!

About the Power Point, I just opened it up. I’m using Office 2007 but that shouldn’t matter.

Just a heads up that the ppt may be corrupt as it refuses to load under any version of Powerpoint at this end. That said, EXCELLENT DNR episide! J

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