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Re-Enabling Features in CodeRush v2009.1.2 After They Are Disabled

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Visual Studio | Posted on 06-04-2009

After installing the new Coderush v2009.1.2 release for Visual Studio I broke one of my templates using the new disable feature.  There is a new feature in the release that tells you what CodeRush did after you initiate a command.  For example, let’s say you create an automatic string property by typing: “as <space>” as seen here:


As you can see CodeRush pops up a dialogue in Visual Studio telling you what it did.  This is a great feature in case you type something that CodeRush does that you don’t want.  There are a few edge cases I know I have run into where this is going to be a welcomed feature.  However, what I did as I was looking at the menu was accidentally click on “Disable” as you see above.  I spent the next little bit digging around figuring out how to re-enable this CodeRush template.  I finally found it out how to re-enable this, I hope it helps someone.

Open the options window for DevExpress and underneath the Core node, flick Features.  Each time you disable a “feature” it shows up here in the list.  Simply uncheck the template or item you disabled to re-enable it.


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Thanks man. Saved me some time.

Gezuz H. Chrysti… how bout telling us how to turn off the g.d. “What Happened” dialog. I HATE that thing and cannot figure out where to turn it off.

thx, you just save in the hell..

Thank you so much
That was driving me mad. I assumed ‘disable’ meant stop showing that popup ‘what happened’ window – not to disable the entire template.

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