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Demystifying WCF in Baton Rouge, LA May 20th

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Speaking | Posted on 19-05-2009

I was sitting at the computer late on Sunday trying to catch up on work from being gone all weekend when an email came into my inbox. It was marked “URGENT” and was giving off a vibe of panic.  Myself and several other INETA speakers from the South were asked to step in for a fellow INETA speaker who had to cancel an engagement.  Baton Rouge is only a 2.5 hour drive away from me so I stepped in.  Maybe someone will step in when I am in need one day.

At any rate, I will be speaking in Baton Rouge on Wednesday, May 20th at the local .Net User Group there.  I’ll be talking on WCF, building services, configuration, deployment, and on whatever the audience wants to talk about. 

If you are in the area, I hope you’ll come out!

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Thanks for the kind words Stacy and glad you enjoyed the talk.

It isn’t uncommon for user group meetings to run long, but normally if they do there is a short break in the middle so since there wasn’t one I cut it short.

Believe me, I could have kept going!

I think Billy is working with INETA to get me back August 1st to do some stuff for the code camp / tech fest. Should be fun.


It was a great meeting, and I’m really excited about WCF because of it. There seems to be some intricacy, but all in all I think WCF looks to be a simplification not a complication.

I do hope we get to see you again. Also, don’t worry about being over time. Usually speakers will go to 8:00 or later, even though our schedule says 7:15. This was a time when I really didn’t mind, and was rather sad you had to cut it short.


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