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Speaking: Distributed Caching with Velocity in Fort Smith, AR July 13th

Posted by Keith Elder | Posted in Speaking | Posted on 02-07-2009

July 13th I’ll be in Fort Smith, AR presenting at the local .Net User Group there on the topic of distributed caching with Velocity (Microsoft’s new distributed caching product). 

This will be my second trip to the state of Arkansas as I was in Little Rock earlier in the year.  Before hitting Fort Smith, we are planning a mini-vacation to Branson, Mo.  We’ve been there before and it will be fun to spend the weekend there. 

Here is the abstract and title for Monday night’s presentation:

Distributing Cache One Byte at a Time With Velocity

Have you ever used the built-in caching capabilities within Asp.Net? If you have you know that as long as you have one server to cache information it works really well. What happens though when you add an additional server? Or even better let’s say you add an additional 10 servers! Now what? What happens is you’ve got data replicated all over the place and it gets out of sync. Not to mention it becomes really hard to manage as data gets changed. Enter “Velocity”, Microsoft’s new distributed caching product. In this session we’ll do a thorough look at all of the pieces of Velocity from installation/deployment, configuration, the API and some of its features like regions and tags.

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The build in cache in asp.net is not distributed as it is in-process in nature. As a result, it is good for small web farms only. But when we’ve much larger web garden where the data is distributed over multiple servers, the asp.net cache can ends up with performance and scalability issues. But if the cache is distributed one, you can not only enhance the performance of the app. but you’ll have the scalable data all the time. apart from Velocity (AppFabric) there are some other third party distributed caching solution are available which are doing pretty well job. I got a chance to use the free version of NCache i.e. NCache Express (http://www.alachisoft.com/ncache/ncache_express.html) in the recent past and the results were quite impressive.

Be sure and tell everyone there “Hi!” from me! Ft. Smith was my “home DNUG” before moving back to Shreveport.

I won’t be able to make it – I didn’t notice the date until it was too late, but I’ll be giving my PowerShell talk in Little Rock that night! FSDNUG is a good group, though, so it should be fun. Sorry I’ll miss it!

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